MA Thesis

The impossibility of Living in the Present: The act of retention & notions of time within the context of Moving Image.

The construct of time has no absolute answers, (conceivably one might suggest not unlike a work of art) of which the creation of can likewise be considered a journey, and therefore incessantly linked with the tangled, knotty construct of time itself. Likewise for the artist the construction of a [art] work habitually begins with a notion that in-turn quickly leads to a question, which, when explored further leads onto a series of further questions ad infinitum. This ceaseless cycle of enquiry impels and frustrates in equal measure, yet within this dichotomy can be found the core reason for bringing something, often seemingly absurd, certainly not required into the world.

Are we ever truly present within the present? The more this question is considered, the further the present recedes into impracticality. We look back in order to look forward, using the past to predict the future.

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