If only I knew where I’d put it!

I often need to write something down quite spontaneously. Sometimes a paragraph, sometimes a line from a overheard conversation or a lyric, sometimes even a single word. This led to words scattered across numerous resources, whatever I had to hand at the time, for example a journal page,  shopping receipt,letter or envelope and numerous note taking apps spread across numerous phones.

Over time I began to take these random words a bit more seriously, trying to uncover some sense or reason behind them. Then last year towards the conclusion of my MA I realised that they were actually a very important part of my work. And rather than finding ways to accommodate them in a different media, perhaps they should just be allowed to exist as words.

Over the ensuing months since I’ve meandered, with no clear direction as to how to present/prepare these texts. The problem being there is no set style or form of writing, part novella,  part poetry, theoretical,critiquing and some utter nonsense.Today I made the decision to gather what I have,  see how it might fit together, or if it needs to be categorised and split into seperately projects (categorization is something that I try my best to avoid). This is not going to be easy sure to my scattergun ethos of documentation. Bits of paper are lost, others filed away in that safe place that I s so secure I have forgotten its location.shots have been deleted, phones changed, lost, and broken. Hard drives have crashed, backups failed, passwords forgotten and don’t even mention the ☁

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