Salt of the Earth – Political Being or Free to Choose?

Recently I have been making images, taking my local surroundings as a starting point.

I began thinking of that which is taken from the earth, though I must point out that it is not ecology nor geology, spiritualism nor religion that interests me, rather their use as metaphor for the self.

I was recently asked if I consider people political beings or if they are free spirits. I am not going to voice my opinion just yet, however this notion has struck somewhat of a chord and has opened up a very interesting line of enquiry to my practice.

To date I have been working with two motifs – the first, an image of a rock sample, reportedly taken from the surrounding area, the second a vector drawing adapted from an image of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, that I came across during my initial research. The links to this and a wiki explanation of the Tree of Life concepts are included below.


Screenshot at Aug 07 15-35-52

Screenshot at Aug 07 16-42-50

Screenshot at Aug 07 16-43-44

Screenshot at Aug 07 16-44-40


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