One Photograph #22. ‘Implement.’ by Chris Fite-Wassilak.

Various Small Fires

90 In July in 2012, I was sitting in a fairly blank off-yellow meeting room. Researching a project taking place in the area around Blackwall DLR station, I had called in to the anodyne-looking business park across the busy roundabout to suss out any empty units, on the off chance that they could be used temporarily. The manager, a kind but no-nonsense older woman, unexpectedly took the time to talk to me. She casually mentioned that she had her own photo albums detailing the history of the park, and I jumped at the chance to see them. I think she was surprised that anyone else would be interested, accustomed to this habit as a sort of quirk of her fastidiousness that she usually just kept to herself. My impression was that she herself had taken all the photos, all of them seeming in tone with her care for attention and order. While I shuffled through…

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