7 Doomsday Scenarios That Won’t Help You Sleep Tonight

Thought Catalog

If, like me, you like to spend your time thinking about potential extinction level threats that could kill us all, please join me in this bleak ass k-hole.

Fun fact: more than 99% of every species that’s ever lived is now extinct.

Here are a few ways humans could be next:

Nuclear Holocaust

This seems like the most likely doomsday scenario because there’s over 22,000 active nuclear warheads out there, and some of them are in some pretty unstable hands (e.g. Kim Jong Un). We’re basically at the mercy of our political leaders not to let their emotions get away with them and start a nuclear war that ruins earth for everyone. If you don’t die in the actual nuking here’s a fate worse than death for you—in the aftermath of nuclear warfare the electromagnetic pulses would make modern technology like your beloved iPhone unable to function.

Infectious disease


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