Artist Development research trip to Frieze London 2012

I was very lucky to be chosen as part of a delegation from Turning Point West Midlands to attend this years Frieze festival.

We were given an excellent tour by representatives of The Contemporary Art Society who explained their involvement. They also introduced us to a number of galleries, especially useful as many of these were quite young galleries who often represent early career artists.

One of the highlights for me was actually the Sunday Art Fair which was showing a selection of 20 young international galleries. in particular Limoncello director Rebecca May Marston gave an excellent introduction to the gallery, the artists they represent and what they are looking for when considering work by new artists.

Overall this was an excellent opportunity to network. As for Frieze itself – well for me it was at once a place to aspire to be and also what is wrong with the art world. A showcase of how out of control the art world is. Not the best environment to see art as there is just too much to take in – often there is little or no context. A very expensive market where art work is very much a commodity, one could almost imagine being on the trading floor of the FT index.

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