New Video work ready.

‘The Impossibility Of Living In The present’ will get it’s inaugural screening at Eagle Works Gallery, Wolverhampton as part of Junction Contemporary Art Festival. August 3-5th.

Perhaps this is why we are always looking forward or back:
Physics – specifically Planck Time suggests that living in the present is impossible, since all of our cognitive processes are based on electro-chemical discharges we cannot in consequence ever experience the “present” in any literal sense. Everything that our sensory imputs take in, are themselves delayed by the organic data transmission processes involved.

Specifically, our brains’ synapses prevent us from ever experiencing the “present”. This is because neurons & synapses are all reliant on electro-chemical discharges to transmit our conceptual framework of the external world.

This video, as with much of my current work looks back to the past with one eye on the future but not with any sense of nostalgia, rather as a prediction of how society cannot sustain its current way of life.

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